Polymer frame work / Gun services


Polymer frame work / Gun services


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  1. Include a legible copy of your government issued ID. We must return your frame or firearm to the address listed on your ID or to a local FFL.
  2. Place your frame or firearm in a box with a magazine. We recommend using paper, bubble wrap, or some other padding to help keep your items safe. There is no need to strip your frame or firearm. We will strip it and reassemble it before returning it.
  3. When it is time to ship please use FedEx or UPS or a local FFL to ship your firearm. An individual without an FFL Shipping a frame or handgun through USPS is prohibited by federal law.
  4. We are an FFL so you may ship directly to us. However, the cheapest and often easiest way to ship a firearm is through your local FFL. It usually costs no more than $15-$30. Return shipping from us to the FFL you picked is  $20.

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Polymer service

***Books are open***

2-4 week turnaround depending on options 


    •    360-degree stippled grip Hand engraved and recessed borders 

    •    Trigger guard undercut and reshape providing comfort and higher grip for recoil management

• Complete frame dehorning, removing sharp corners for comfort .

    •    Stippling on trigger guard flat for support hand traction as double undercut option .

    •    Option for Stippling index points

    •    Option for single or double undercut for trigger guard 

    •    Options to keep or remove finger grooves.

    •    Optiions For mag extension

Current prices



Essentials package on Glock full size frame 22/17 compact 23/19 and subcompact 27/26


Essentials package on M&P full size and compact frame 1.0 version only 


Sig Sauer p320 full size compact and subcompact frames 


Sig Sauer frame doesn’t require overnight shipping 

And will run $8 return shipping


prices include detail strip ,clean and reassemble 

Ship to the FFL store Papa Foxtrot Tactical 

• Carry texture 

• Medium texture 

• Aggresive texture / competition 

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Specializing in Glock M&P and Sig Sauer frame work 

Long range builds 

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